Wednesday, October 06, 2004

First post

My first post in blog world:

My name is Lexa, I live in a small town in Alberta, Canada with my spouse, fiance, boyfriend, that guy, my kids' dad... his name is Jack and he is a pretty great guy. We have been together for 11 years now and have two kids, two dogs, a mortgage and all the other ususal commitment fixin's: 'til debt do us part...

Jack and I were both raised in actual cities (with malls and crime and stuff) in Alberta and are still suffering from small town culture shock. The noise, pollution and anonymity we enjoyed in the city is gonzo, c'ya, bye-bye... Everyone here does or will know your business and it turns that they are also willing to then fill in the gaps of knowledge about your business with what ever comes to mind - stream of consciousness stuff going on here it has been interesting. I truly cannot wait to post about adapting to small town living.

I do copyright work for a local University and Jack is a driller on a drilling rig and works all over the province. As a result of sharing my life with someone who works in the oil field industry, I now have a huge assortment of mugs, mouse pads, sweatpants and jackets and a set of sweet highball glasses with the insignia and slogans of various drilling companies. And really what more can a girl ask for?



Blogger blackdaisies said...

welcome to blogland Lexa from small town Alberta. I was born and raised in small town Alberta (Slave Lake, a wee bit north of Athabasca actually) though have enjoyed living the small town alberta city life for more than a decade now ;-)

1:00 PM  

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