Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Got Carbs?

** Memo to the Girl Guides of Canada

RE: The crate of Girl Guide cookies that came home with my daughter from Brownies the other night.

The cookies are proving to be quite difficult to unload these days. So, I would like to formally suggest that bacon be endorsed as your next fundraising product. Yeah, that's right - BIG slabs of Canadian BACON!

At work today -

Me: I have Girl Guide cookies for sale in my office - $4.00 a box.
Coworker: Really - what kind?

Me: Chocolate covered mint.
Coworker (shrill): Oh - I LOVE Those! (proceeds to follow me into my office.)

Me (passing Coworker a box of the cookies): Yeah I know, they are good.
Coworker (cradling the box of cookies lovingly in her arms): Yeah - I just love the mint kind.

Me: Okay - so...
Coworker (giving the box a good hard sniff): Mmmmmm...

* Sure enough my coworker proceeds to turn over the box and (gasp) study the Nutritional Contents legend as if it contained an encrypted message from God.

Coworker (desolate moan): Ohhhh... Bummer!
Me: Hmm?

Coworker (pointing to the box): Says here that it is like 42 grams of carbs per serving... I just (voice cracking) can't...


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