Saturday, October 23, 2004

The grocer knows...

Mike the guy who owns the local grocery store where I have been going a few time a week for the past four years asked me the other day if we had settled in town (bought a house) or if we were just passing through (renting.)

I responded "Yes, we actually bought a place up on the East hill by the Hospital about four years ago."
Mike responds "Ah, where abouts are ya?"
I told him what street and avenue we were on.
Mike looked confused.
I then provided a detailed description as to the exterior color & style of my house and even outlined the specific roads to take from the exact spot where we were standing to my house.
Mike showed a glimmer of recognition.
Exasperated, I said "I live right across the street from Dave and Stacy McCormick."
Mike looked at me in a knowing way and said "AH! - so you are the people that bought the Anderson house."

I left the grocery store feeling insecure - like maybe Mike KNEW that the Anderson's had done several do-it-yourself projects to the house. The latest discovered March 18th (when it was -40c) involving an ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom with the water lines that were run down an outside wall - just waiting to freeze up and burst. That was fun. Friggin' Andersons...

I fought the urge to storm back into the grocery store and violently shake Mike and scream "What else to you know about my house?! How much will the next thing cost us?!"


Blogger yooj said...

Friggin' Andersons!

1:52 PM  

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