Thursday, October 21, 2004

How it all went down - intro

I thought I would share Matthew's birth story - my baby boy just turned 2 on the 8th of October and I am feeling nostalgic and old and okay a little overweight because I STILL have the 15 pounds to lose - okay, okay the 20 pounds to lose... Whatever...

I had Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy with Matthew. For whatever reason - the placenta interferes with your pancreas production of insulin and it can cause big problems if not treated. Treatment for me = self injecting myself with insulin four times per day and testing my blood with a little stabby thing 8-10 times per day. Side effects = I was just plain mad for 5 months, I gained a massive amount of weight (70+ pounds = egad!), and I had to follow a very restricted diet. It sucked.

Though I now have such a respect for those who manage this disease on a daily basis and am very fortunate that gestational diabetes just goes away after you give birth. What really put things into perspective for me was after I was diagnosed I had to go buy a bunch of testing strips and pen needle refills for the insulin epi-pen thingy. I was upset and just plain hate needles and was complaining, okay ranting to the pharmacist who informed me - that he could give me the 5mm needles instead of the 8mm ones my doctor prescribed. These he said would probably hurt less and are the size that CHILDREN with diabetes generally use. Yeah okay after that I just sucked it up.

So I was huge, I was grumpy, I was diabetic, and I wanted this baby the hell out of me ASAP. I sure as hell was NOT glowing, nesting, or in any other mental state but MAD - oh right - I was still working full time (right up until the due date - because I am a loser) and I had a 5 year old, Jack and a dog to deal with.

After 37 weeks I was BEGGING my doctor to induce me - PLEASE for the love of GOD!

By my next visit I had gained 10 pounds - which is pretty amazing considering I was on the diabetic diet from hell. The "have as much celery as you want" diet.
At my next appointment my doctor weighed me and just told me to be at the hospital the nest morning. YAY!

So here is how it all went down...


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