Thursday, October 21, 2004

The next bit - pain management

My Doctor, Jack, & I had the talk about "pain management." I was still undecided and thinking maybe I would take a shot of morphine if things got too bad. At this point I was in no pain at all so it was easy to make that call.

I was now hooked up to 2 IV poles a blood pressure monitor as well at the belt around my stomach monitoring the baby & my contractions. The baby was doing great and my contractions were showing up as little bumps on the screen.

It was about 2:15pm and time was going backwards. Jack was staring out of the window at the parking lot with his eyes glazed over and I was watching my pitiful little contractions on the monitor. It was a little hellish unhooking myself from the monitor ad BP machine then trying to maneuver myself and two IV poles to the bathroom and since having my water broken it seemed like I was getting up to pee and change the bedding sheet every 5 mins. It was irritating Jack would no sooner get me all hooked up again and I would have to get back up. Jack was struggling to be cheerful as was I.

By about 2:30pm I was starting to feel the contractions really well. I was thinking - oh yeah, NOW I remember what this is like - this sucks!! My contractions were showing up as nice spikes on the monitor and lasting about 30-45 seconds. This is not good enough apparently and the nurse who I now had come to despise came in again to increase the drip another 6mg. It was now up in the 90's.

At 2:45pm a wall of pain hit me - I don't remember this happening at all during my first labor but I started having contractions one on top of the other and I started freaking out a little. The final time I got up to go to the bathroom with the 2 IV poles and one of the contractions hit me I doubled over and just about pulled out one of the IV's. I was crying pretty hard and Jack was really getting worried.

At 2:50pm Jack helped me back to bed and the nurse informed me that the "good" anesthesiologist was leaving at 3:00. I freaked out and begged that he not leave until after doing my epidural. All composure and self consciousness are totally gone at this point - I wanted drugs and I wanted them NOW!


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