Sunday, October 24, 2004

Reagis Infection

Conversation with my daughter Emma while driving home from school.

Me: So how was school
Emma (big sigh): ok - kinda boring.

Me: I bet you did some fun stuff in art?
Emma (rolling her eyes): Nope - just coloring.

Me: So what exciting thing happened today?
Emma: Oh! - some kids had to leave the classroom because of Reagis Infection!!

Me: Reagis Infection?
Emma (louder): Yes - Reagis Infection!


Me: Emma, did you mean Religious Instruction?
Emma (exasperated): Yes that is what I said.

Me: So it was pretty boring today huh?
Emma (pointing to the cross atop a church as we are driving by): Hey mom there is a PLUS!

Me: Maybe mommy should sign you up for some Reagis Infection.
Emma: Okay! Wait - is that like math and stuff?


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