Friday, October 22, 2004

Signs of the metamorphosis from city slicker to towns folk

1. You do not seem to use the words hick and hicksville quite so much anymore.

2. You know what a Gator is AND have actually ridden on one to go check on some cows.

3. You have learned that there are regular meat draws at the legion on Fridays and have seriously considered checking it out.

4. Your idea of traffic now is when there is one car in front of you at one of the two traffic lights in town.

5. Upon returning to the big city you realize that you have somehow lost your ability to merge onto a 4-lane freeway. Oh - I could have gone. Oh - I could have gone again... Dammit - I have turned into THAT driver.

6. Your once haute-couture is now Sears Catalogue.

7. You are happy to learn that casual Fridays at work actually means sweat pants with a nicer top.

8. Since you do not have that twice a day 30 min commute during rush hour traffic AND road construction, you have become noticeably more pleasant. (FYI - your friends and family WILL comment on your previous degree of irritability & provide detailed examples of what a bag you were.)

9. Your spouse now drives ¾ ton extended cab diesel truck, has a motorcycle and is now talking you into a quad. (HELP ME! Please...Help me...)

10. You enjoy the convenience of only needing to tell people when asked the last 4 digits of your telephone number - because it is just common knowledge that we ALL share the same first 3 digits.


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