Friday, October 22, 2004

Signs that you live in a small town

1. You can tell who is in the Extra Foods because you recognize whose vehicles are in the parking lot.

2. Your mail carrier (who may be dyslexic) regularly gives you someone else's mail. Though you don't know the person addressed on the envelope you realize that you work with someone who has the same last name. Sure enough - you have been receiving your co-worker's mother's mail. It also turns out that her mother has in fact been getting your mail. Instead of complaining to the post office you now just swap mail via your coworker.

3. Your neighbor mistakenly believes that you are Jewish and even wishes you a happy a Happy Hanukkah because the first year you moved to the neighborhood you neglected you put up any exterior Christmas lights.

4. You can't be mean to the J.W. who comes knocking on your door at 8:00am Saturday mornings because you work with his cousin.

5. Your mother not only works at the same place you do but is also in your department.

6. Your brother-in-law who is a paramedic and driving through your town in his ambulance decides to stop in for coffee. Because he is a cool uncle - he gives your daughter a tour of the ambulance and even turns on the lights & siren for her. The next day at work, your receive many emails from concerned coworkers inquiring about the "accident."

7. There is angle parking on Mainstreet & there is a street called Mainstreet.

8. Everyone - and I mean everyone - drives a 3/4 ton extended cab diesel truck.

9. There is only one radio station - and it is COUNTRY...

10. There is NOT a MacDonald's!!


Blogger blackdaisies said...

Too funny ... I was nodding throughout. I should do my own 'how to tell that you are from a small town' which would include: Even though you haven't lived there in over 10 years, there are people who you never see who know every little detail of your life and when you happen to visit your family and accidently run into someone, they don't ask "what have you been up to" but rather start regaling you with tales of your own life.

hmmm .. maybe a part of me misses it all ;-)

1:15 PM  

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