Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Weasels

At the dinner table -

Emma (excited): Guess what?
Me: What?

Emma: No – you are suppose to guess!
Me: Okay. Your teacher had green hair today?

Emma (huffy): Mom, that is lame.
Me: Okay what then?

Emma: Miranda wasn’t in school today – she is really sick.
Me: Oh – that is too bad, but I am sure Miranda will be better soon.

Emma (louder): No she is REALLY sick – seriously.
Me: She is seriously sick huh?

Emma (aghast): Yes – she has the WEASELS!
Me (trying not to laugh): Erm, the Weasels?

Emma (indignant): Mom, that is NOT funny! You can get really sick with the Weasels – and I am serious!
Me: I know, mommy worked with people who got the Weasels before.

Emma (serious): Mom – will I get the Weasels?
Me: You’ve had all your shots remember? So I wouldn’t worry about it - okay?

Emma: Okay. Mom, did you ever get the Weasels?
Me: No, but I think daddy has. Why don’t you go ask him all about it?


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