Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Where's the beef?

Jack’s uncle has a farm and on the farm he has some cows. With a moo, moo here and a moo, moo there, here a moo... Ah, never mind.

Any way, Jack’s uncle recently butchered a cow and the meat from said cow was split up amongst the family. First let me just say that we like meat in here in Alberta – apologies to the PETA people in advance but being a vegetarian in Alberta is apparently kind of like being gay in Texas. We even have bumper stickers that say “I Heart Alberta Beef.” We like beef that much (except my mother brings shame to the family with her evil veggie burger eating ways.) Anyway, Jack’s parents brought over about 150 pounds (one – five-oh!) of beef to my house last week. So if anyone really wants to know where the beef is, I will gladly show him or her to my deep freezer. I have steaks, hamburger, roasts, and ribs – I got it all baby. Ah life is good!
Thanks to Jacks parents and I just want to add that people who will deliver 150 pounds of meat to your house are very good people indeed.

So to Caesar the head landing Cockatiel – you are one lucky bird. It seems that I have some beef to get through before you end up in my oven!


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