Thursday, December 23, 2004

Lexa's Christmas List

1. The number of dollars I’ve spent on presents: LOTS, stupid holiday commercialism…

2. The number of presents still to be wrapped: 12

3. The number of paper cuts from wrapping presents: 2

4. The number of hairs pulled out while standing in line to pay of Christmas presents while holding a screaming 2-year old: 87

5. The number of grey hairs discovered in said 87 hairs pulled: 80 – sigh…

6. The number of screaming 2-year olds: just the 1, THANK GOD

7. The number of festive snack platters assembled by yours truly: 3

8. The number of boxes of chocolates single-handedly eaten by me: 2 (okay, 3)

9. The number of Christmas cards sent out: 0 – yeah I suck… Hope all my friends & relatives enjoyed my two-liner “Happy Holidays” email.

10. The number of items per day that my daughter Emma adds to her Christmas list to Santa: 1 per every commercial seen = roughly 3 per hour…

11. The number of items Jake the Shlab has destroyed thus far today: 2 (1 bathtub plug & 1 Christmas tree ornament.)

12. The number of treats Jake will be getting from me today: 0, ZIP, ZILCH. NADA…

13. The number of times I have said the phrase “Be good Santa is watching.” to my children this week: 2134

14. The number of rum & eggnogs consumed by myself this week: 7 (okay, 17)

15. The number of calories per every 1 rum & eggnog beverage: 500 – ah, crap…

16. The number of days left until my diet and exercise regime commences: 8

17. The number of rum & eggnogs yet to be consumed by yours truly: probably a good 8 days worth…

Happy Holidays Blogworld!


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