Monday, December 06, 2004

Never trust a seven-year-old

While I was folding laundry in the den.

Emma (running into the den from the kitchen): Mom, me & Matthew are playing wading pool, okay?
Me: What? No,no,no! That sounds too messy. Why don't you colour or something instead?

Emma (rolling her eyes): It's just pretend mom.
Me: Okay, as long as it is pretend.

Emma: Yep, it is.

Me (suspicious): Emma, NO running the water from ANY room or taking ANYTHING out of the fridge.
Emma (running back into the kitchen): Okay mom!

Emma(from the kitchen): Matthew lets roll up your pants buddy!
Matthew: heeheehee...wat-ter.

Splish Splash Splash, Heeheehee,

Me(walking into the kitchen): What the?

Me(shocked): Emma and Matthew! Get out of the dog's water dish NOW!

Emma (defensive): MOM! I asked and you said okay!
Me (irate): Emma, you said you were going to play PRETEND wading pool, so what are you and you brother doing standing in the dog's water dish?

Emma (shrill): Mom, it's just a PROP! JEEZ!


Blogger Angry Orange said...

Just wait until she's 16 and see what she'll try and get away with!

11:23 AM  
Blogger honestyrain said...

oh god. my three year old is just starting to try to pull the wool over my eyes and it actually shocks me. i better buck up because he's just getting started, isn't he? if ever i am told they are playing wading pool i will know what to do....

12:30 PM  

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