Wednesday, February 09, 2005

100-Day Project

The elementary school here celebrates the one-hundredth day of classes by having the kids (with the extensive help of their parents) bring in a project that exhibits a collection of one hundred items. It can be anything, as long as there are one hundred of them, it fits in their backpacks, and can be easily displayed.

Now I am a not the overly competitive type - but I didn’t want to be the mom of the kid who brought in the 2 rolls of pennies either. Last year, was my first experience with the 100-day project. Emma was in Grade One and my hobby du jour happened to be winemaking so and I had a bunch of corks handy.
Supplies on hand, Jack and I were inspired to craft a magnificent corkboard using - you guessed it,100 corks, a sheet of cardboard, a hot glue gun and a black sharpie.
I’m not going to lie, it took some time to complete this project but we were in good spirits. Jack and I only disagreed a few times over the layout and design of the corks and I only burned myself the once. We finished up about 2:00am and were thrilled with outcome as well as with our totally unique concept. I was so proud of our offering, because dang it, it was a pretty cool exhibit of 100 of something.

The next morning:
Me (holding up the cork board): Hey Emma, look at this! Prrretty Cooool huh?
Emma (squinting): What is it?

Jack (car salesman voice): It’s a corkboard! See, mommy and I stayed up really late to make your 100-day project for school today. See how we glued 100 corks on there? Neat-O huh?
Emma (skeptical): There’s no glitter on it.

Me: We don’t have any glitter and corkboards don’t usually have glitter anyway.
Emma (still skeptical): Well, it’s okay. I guess.

Jack (grumpy): It’s time for school let’s go.

So off went little Miss Emma to school that day with our masterpiece 100-day project in tow. When I picked her up after school, naturally I wanted to hear all about how everyone ooed and ahhed over her project.

Me (excited): So what did everyone think of your awesome corkboard?
Emma (distracted): They liked it I guess.

Me: I bet they liked the pattern huh? Did they touch all the corks?
Emma (uninterested): Ummm, I guess. Oh, Mitchell jammed a pencil in it and it stayed there.

Me (slightly irritated): Well what did the other kids bring?
Emma (loud): WELL, Katie brought one hundred of those paper birds in ALIMONY!

Me (confused): Do you mean ORIGAMI?
Emma (grumpy): YES! They were the folded paper birds and they all had GLITTER on them!!

So you do you all see what Jack and I are up against? Who the heck has the time to be folding up 100 frigging origami cranes with GLITTER? Who ARE these people? Psychos…

Anyway this year, I knew better then to invest a bunch of time and energy into this project only to be outplayed by the origami lady again. Yet I still didn’t want to be the mom that sent her kid to school with the box of 120 paperclips minus 20 of them. You know?

*** Solution = CANDY.
Our 100-day project this year:
One small Gladware container + 100 cinnamon hearts (Valentines theme) + the assembly time of 2 minutes = the BEST 100-day project EVER.

So here is how it went down when I picked up Emma from school this time around:

Me: So how was your day?
Emma (excited): Mom it was great, EVERYONE LOVED my100-day project and we all shared the candy.

Me (snickering): So everyone liked the cinnamon hearts huh?
Emma: Yes LOVED them!

Me: That’s nice – so what did everyone else bring?
Emma: Natasha brought a house made of 100 Popsicle sticks that had a backyard with a pony AND a tree in it!

Me: That sounds nice. So… what did ol’ Katie bring this year?
Emma (thinking): Oh – she brought 100 dog biscuits.

Me (shocked): What? DOG BISCUITS!?
Emma: Yeah Katie said it was a “last minute” project.

Me: HAHAHAHahahahahaha!!!

People, I am having a GOOD day!


Blogger blackdaisies said...

yes, its true .. I am the mom of the kid who brought in two rolls of pennies BUT in my defense that is what the kid wanted to take and being the mom of the kid who brought in two rolls of pennies, it didn't even occur to me to ask how it went or what the other kids brought ... hmmmmm .. I think I will forever think of myself now as the mother of the kid who brought in two rolls of pennies :p

: ) Glad you are having a GOOD day!

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

w00t! Candy is WAY better than dog biscuits!

1:28 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Are you sure you're not competitive?!? Very funny stuff. Brings back memories. Oh, and do your kids know you're cannibalizing the daily minutiae of their lives for our enjoyment? Keep it up, I say!

5:38 PM  
Blogger DrinkJack said...

You Da Bomb of Da Mom

9:02 PM  
Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

Once I brought in 100 micro-machine toys glued to a piece of carboard in the shape of "100". The next year I brought in 100 cigarette butts I had collected from the streets. I think I also incorporated a statement about not smoking. I was weird like that.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous honestyrain said...

you make me giggle every time i come here. love it.

1:34 PM  
Blogger La Chat Noir said...

ARGH! Anon was totally me. Lost my identity in the blogger comment switch over ... or something!

2:10 PM  
Blogger Jesster said...

Was your homemade wine any good? Mmmm, wine....

2:56 PM  
Blogger Ian-Ivy du Bois said...



8:45 PM  
Blogger Ian-Ivy du Bois said...

ohh... u r on my blogland favorite neighbours link list

i hope u dont mind...

glad to read u like mi dinos kiss

11:13 PM  
Blogger deanne said...

DOG biscuits! What the-!

At least all the kids will have plaque free teeth and lovely fresh breath...?!

5:17 PM  
Blogger deanne said...

Whoah! I've just noticed the new comment thing Bloggers done! Nifty! I might have to change my display pic - my eye is frightening me.

(Daft random comment - sorry!)

5:18 PM  
Blogger Pink Lemonade Diva said...

From origami to dog biscuits - what a demise!


6:33 PM  
Blogger Martin Burch said...

"I’m not going to lie, it took some time to complete this project but we were in good spirits."

Ah ha! So you were running short on corks and opened a few extra bottles of wine! ;)

12:42 AM  
Blogger yooj said...

I was scouring the web looking for ideas for my sons' 100th day project which is due on thursday, when I came across your blog. I was cracking up as I read it and then I realized that the exploits with your children are similar to my own. This is in no way an advertisement, but if you ever get a chance stop by my blog. I'd love to know what you think:

By the way because of you, I'm ditching my "100 marbles hot-glued inside of a shadow box" idea in favor of the "jar-o-candy." So thanks for that!

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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