Wednesday, March 16, 2005

FFF Week 1 Results Are In!

FFF Challenge Week 1 Results:
I have lost 8 pounds people. You heard me - EIGHT POUNDS!! I know I know it’s probably mostly just water weight – but I will take it. I also measured body parts and the results for that are about ½ inch smaller in some places but nothing yet in others. So I don’t really know where this eight pounds came from – but as I said before – I will take it.

Here is what I have been doing to lose the weight:
I am tracking everything I eat as well as my daily activities. I have been trying to stick to about 1500 calories a day. I have been working out 5-6 times a week for about 45 minutes each session. I do about 30 minutes of cardio – usually on my treadmill then 15 minutes of weight training using the universal gym and free weights. I am lucky in the sense that I do have some nice equipment at home and therefore do not actually need to go to a gym to work out. Aside from this I am drinking a lot of water and taking a daily vitamin. I do have protein shake type stuff in my house as but haven’t started using that yet.

Things I have noticed:
I really hate cardio – I think I have mentioned that I hate and last week, my time on the treadmill was absolutely horrible. This week though I will admit that the treadmill experience of absolutely horrible has been downgraded a notch to now being simply incredibly unpleasant. My stamina is improving slightly and I have already noticed that I can do more reps and crunches than last week – so that is pretty cool.
I am peeing ALL the time – obviously due to the fact that I have been drinking a lot of water and caffeine free herbal teas. Actually the herbal teas are helping me with my food cravings. I have a sweet tooth and have been really enjoying Licorice spice, Chai, and Apple Cinnamon teas immensely.

Emma’s Birthday Party:
We rented out the local pool, which also has a party room facility to have Emma’s 8th B-Day party. As it was a pool party and NOT AT MY HOUSE I encouraged Emma to invite a few more kids than I would normally allow. She invited 20 kids. I thought at MOST maybe 10-13 would actually show up. Well – wouldn’t you know it - ALL freaking 20 of them came. It was total insanity. Jack took one for the team and hung out in the pool with the kids while myself and another kind parent who offered to stay supervised from the pool deck. Yes there were lifeguards AND all the kids were wearing life jackets but still, 20 eight year olds at play is a force to be reckoned with. At any given moment Jack had about 7-12 kids hanging off of him in the pool. It is amazing that they did not inadvertently drown the man – but he was a trooper and hung in there. My favorite moment was watching Jack go off the rope swing and cannonball into the pool – all the kids cheered at the resulting BIG splash. It was very cute.
The party afterwards went also well, though it did take a long time for Emma to open 20 gifts – good grief. But the kids were ravenous little monsters and ate all the cake, chips, sandwiches, and pop that I brought – so no tempting leftovers for me!

My trip to the city:
After the dramatic 8 pound loss weigh-in I then promptly took off for 2 days to go visit my best friend Holly. It was fabulous we chatted, drank too much sparkling wine and there may have been an *ahem all you can eat buffet involved… BUT – overall, I think I did pretty well and did not go too crazy with too much overeating. It was a very nice break from the kids and a nice visit with a good friend.

So now after my little two-day hiatus from the eating plan and work out regime I am whole heartedly back on the program and do hope to lose 2 pounds by the end of this week. It would sure be nice to see a 10-pound loss after two weeks.

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Gearing up for FFF week 1 weigh-in...

So tomorrow I will be doing my week one progress check from the Fatty Family Face-Off challenge. Actually I think I have done very well this past week. I have stuck to my diet and I have worked out every day this week. Have I mentioned that I hate cardio yet? Well, I REALLY hate cardio. Today on the treadmill my mantra was “This SO sucks… This SO sucks…” but I got through my work-out. I feel pretty good (definitely been sleeping good) this week so hopefully this is a positive weight loss type sign.
I am hoping for a 5lb loss but I will really be proud of any loss. We shall see.

Tomorrow is my darling daughter Emma’s 8th B-Day party. We are having it at the local pool it should be hectic but fun. Emma is really looking forward to it.

Then I am off to visit my best friend Holly in the city on Sunday-Monday. Hi Holly!! I can’t wait to see her & of course to have one whole evening away by myself. I know somehow I will pay for this though. The last time I went away (to attend a funeral in Sechelt, B.C.) and left Jack with the kids for 3 days I came home to a broken hot water tank… not his fault, the thing just died but somehow it still felt like God was punishing me for having the gall to leave my family.

Anyway after the BDay party tomorrow I will take the measurements and weigh-in and post the dreaded Week 1 FFF results.


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fatty Family Face-Off

My family is doing a weight loss challenge together.

The parameters have been set. We have all weighed in, measured inches and assessed our individual body mass indexes. Time frame is starting today until July 6th. The person to lose the most weight/ inches/ BMI fat % will be crowned the winner.

And naturally, to make things a little more interesting we have each wagered $100.

Sometimes I now get asked (well mainly by Jack): "So is that going to end up on your blog?" My answer: "Well yeah it might - but you still love me right?"

This time, (suprisingly) those involved in this family experience have stated that they don't care if I write about this on my blog. Apparently this experience is to be a positive family venture towards a higher state of health and happiness (and yeah, so maybe a few hundred bucks also gets exchanged - whatever.) BUT, being that we were all somewhat horrified and reluctant to share measurement results amongst ourselves - well, I don't know about them, but I myself am not quite ready to make the exact degree of my chubbiness public. (Denial? I know, bite me Dr. Phil.) Also, these are the people that babysit my children for me - so ultimately, I don't care what they say, it would be just plain stupid to write about their weight.

I will however describe MY personal weight situation as follows:

My current weight: Gee, you don't look like you weigh THAT much.
My goal weight: I can't believe you've had TWO children - you look frigging AWESOME!

So bear with me because I will be writing about my progress during the weeks ahead as well as my fitness level which I hope drastically improves. Overall, I hope to lose 25-30 lbs. My goal for this week is 5 lbs let's see if I can pull that off. I have decided to basically just stick to the Weight Watchers core plan - but this time without the *ahem ice cream and lime margaritas... and of course to exercise daily.

Wish me luck & please feel free to cheer me on or to suggest how I should spend my winnings!

Oh, this is SO ON!!

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