Monday, April 11, 2005

I have been to hell and back…

Okay, no not really… We have just been doing more home renovations. And good news! Jack and I are still together! Hahahaha, seriously, but nothing really tests a relationship like home renovations do. (Especially when there are children to be attended to and dogs underfoot.) Not that I am bitter or anything but The Home Depot should also have an aisle for the do-it-yourself home marriage counseling kits…

Here is a tiny excerpt from last week:

Jack (grumpy and pointing to the dining room floor): AH CRAP!! Well, I can’t put any of the new flooring down yet.
Me (shrill): WHAT? I thought we had decided to go with the oak flooring in the dining room?

Jack (big sigh): I said YET! Look, there is a huge crown in the floor here. See it? I have to fix that first before I can put down the new flooring?
Me (walking on the area): Oh wow, it is a little slanty here isn’t it?

Jack (grumble): Yes, if by a little slanty you mean like a ski hill…
Me (grumpy): Okay whatever, so there is a BIG BUMP in the floor! How do we fix that? Do we need some floor leveler?

2 minutes later:
Me (shocked): Jack! What are you doing with that pry bar?

30 seconds later:
Me (groan): There is going to be a huge hole in the floor soon isn’t there?

10 seconds later:
Me (sigh): So, is there any beer left?

Anyway, this time it was the living room/ dining room that were renovated. Jack fixed the uneven floor (my hero!!) then we painted, put in new oak flooring, lovely new ceramic tile, and new baseboards, casing and trim all around. It looks really nice AND there is no more view of the basement from the dining room – so you know, it’s all good.

*** FFF Results – progress is SLOW but still going:
I had lost a total of 11 pounds by the end of week 3! Yay!
BUT then I gained 3 ‘reno pounds’ back because I was eating pretty much like crap all of last week. I don’t want to make excuses… *Ahem, but it is really hard to cook healthy meals when there is a table saw set up in your kitchen AND I would like to state that when you are tired, crabby, and covered in paint the only way you want to do any cooking is with a credit card and a phone. Oh AND, it also seems that beer goes down amazingly well when one is painting walls. It must be the same phenomena as when doing yard work. Mmmm beer…
So needless to say I am back to 8 pounds lost. BUT, now that the house is getting back to normal and all the beer & take out food has been disposed of my goal this week is to lose the three “reno” pounds I gained back.

I also recently celebrated my 32nd birthday – ACK! I am not going to hide my age or be overly sensitive about it - BUT it just occurred to me that I am now closer to 40 than I am to 20, sorry one more - ACK!

On the day of my birthday Jack taught me how to cut ceramic tile using the wet saw. It was actually kind of fun though my lovely manicured nails really paid the price… BUT, I didn’t cut a finger off or anything so YAY ME! Later that evening we celebrated my birthday in the very dusty, debris filled room with the lovely (BIG HOLE) view of the basement by enjoying fabulous but evil, artery clogging, and calorie ridden take-out pizza and a few glasses of yummy sparkling wine. At one point, Jack gazed lovingly into my eyes and said “Happy Birthday darling!” and then he reached over picked a shard of ceramic tile out of my hair.

So anyway, apologies for the break in posting – I will be more vigilant now that I can physically get to my computer again. I will also post pictures as soon as I can find my camera!

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