Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Matthew's sweater was a blink in time as compared to the woolen colonoscopy I made for Jack but it was not without it's moments.

The pattern is from Cast On Magazine May-July, 2005. The Designer is Laura Bryant and the pattern is called Barefoot in the Park Boy's Pullover.

* At this point you may have inferred two things about me which you may find alarmingly geeky.
1. Knitting Magazines
2. I purposely removed my son's socks for this picture - I know, I know...

OCD moment: I am also seriously fighting the urge to get Jack and Matthew to pose for more pictures - but separately - and maybe in some natural lighting - as the green couch and the two green sweaters are clashing in a bad way. Deep breath Lexa - move on...

Anyway - let's see what else can I tell you about this sweater?
It took about two weeks to knit. I did not use the yarn called for in the pattern. The pattern actually calls for a lovely 100% cotton crepe BUT as the sweater is destined for a soon to be 3 year old, I wanted something a bit more washable. I end up using a wool/ acrylic blend from Phildar called Pegase +

Glitch: This sweater was almost one size too small and if it were not for the meager 30% wool content of the yarn that allowed me to "aggressively" block the crap out of it - it would have been a bad, bad scene involving a big fat hissy fit. Thankfully it ended up fitting Matthew nicely but will probably only last this season until it is outgrown.

So I guess, overall I am pleased. Well except for the badly lit clashing green photos that are now making me cringe a bit.


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